Prophetic Words

Prophetic Word from The Lord

This prophecy was given at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami on January 24, 2020 by Pastor Tavares Robinson.

"Why do bad experiences shape My people more than My ordained experiences? Because in bad experiences, My people take it personal, therefore, engrave it on their hearts while My experiences are more like a 'thank you' that's forgotten as time moves on. My people continually cry out to Me about wanting to see My word manifested; they cry out to Me desiring to see My promise come to fruition; they cry out to Me about desiring to see My power demonstrated among them; they desire for Me to intervene in such dramatic ways in their personal hardships, to prove to others and themselves how much they are loved by Me; but I have done those things before and it's like a distant memory in them. Enough of this! This will not be the spiritual disposition of My people in these final days. I'm lifting up every branch that dismisses My approved work and activity in their lives, as if it's something causal and short lived, yet in return, the very thing that should have been considered minor and temporary in their lives have become permanent markers, even monuments, said the Lord. Yes, monuments! They have build statues in their hearts concerning their bad experiences but have treated My power as something trivial. This is not the way of My people, says the Lord. How many times have you read the stories about the people I brought out of Egypt? Do you not understand what you have read? Did they not dismiss My power among them but yet elevated their perceived bad experiences? Do you still not understand? Did I not endure long with them? Yes, even as I have suffered long with you. But this truth that I'm now revealing will be my last sign of mercy concerning this in your life. I have seen the continue struggle in how you have handled the unplanned, the unpleasant, and the unforeseen thing in your now.

I watched how you became so engulfed with something you already had the answer to, but yet, you cried out to Me, and even acted out, as if I am the forgetless Father, and you are the forgotten child. Take great heed to the truth that's being made available to you. For it is these truths that your adversaries and difficulties seek to separate you from. Be prudent in this very hour, says the Lord, for My hand is arranging My will. For who can resist My hand? Who can reverse what My hand has decreed? For My hand will do all of My pleasure, not what you think is acceptable. Seek to understand what I have spoken into your hearing this day; for the swiftness of My word is within reach. Will it be said among you that you did not know? Will it be said that you did not understand? No, says the Lord. I have allowed repetition and the forbearance of time to disarm all manners of excuses. Will it be recorded in heaven that you heard and agreed, and then chose not to believe? Let it not be so, says the Lord. Know, that I am the Lord, and I alone will measure each man. Not to give them for what they wished for, but to give them what I've determined they deserve. Do not overlook My mercy! The reason that I'm realigning you back to My ways, is because My measurement stick is in My hand; and many will be measured and found wanting, but I desire for to you pass; I desire for you to overcome; I desire for you to finish the course that's been laid out before you. So I say to you, do not bury your head in the sand of your present, says the Lord, look up and understand these truths in which I speak to you. For in the coming days I will begin to insert Myself into the affairs of men which has not been seen before among you. I will move and shuffle things around which will bring My name honor. Hear and understand these words, says the Lord. For these words are sure and will testify against all who hear them, says the Lord."

Prophetic Word Concerning the Church

This prophecy was given at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami on September 26, 2017 by Pastor Tavares Robinson.

"This is a generation that consistently prayers to Me concerning directions, but this is also a generation that repeatedly dishonors who I am. Because they are distracted and disconnected from Me, they will say, "How have we dishonored You?" You have dishonored Me with your lack of patience. You have dishonored Me by your words. You have become like Saul, whom took it upon himself to take matters in his own hands when he saw things wasn't going according to the plan. What was the outcome of his sin? I removed him that day. Like Saul, what has convinced you that you can take your life in your hands, after I have given you My word?

Many have wondered why they have not heard from Me, but I'm showing them that they are untrustworthy. Tell the people, "No direction will be given to those who don't recognize that I alone am God!" You asked, "How are we dishonoring You?" You dishonor Me when you think you are like Me. You rely on your wisdom as if you were Me. You trust in your own ways as if you were Me. Your thoughts are your own counselor, as if you were Me. You trust in your power and your ability as if you were Me. So since you think you are Me, I have restrained My voice to you. Since you are Me, figure out and orchestrate the rest of the course of your life.

I've directed you this far, my wisdom rearranged the events of your life and My strong arm freed you from the guilt of your shame. Did I not say in My word, "Cursed is the man who makes flesh his strength." Why do you read My word and place My word in your mouth, but don't believe My words? For some, they will now fall on their faces and return to Me from desiring to exalt themselves to be like Me, and I will hear their sincere plea. But others, their hearts have become like stone and they have a disdain for the things that belong to Me, and the thing that which belong to Me has no longer become their delight. For I tell you again, it would have been better for them to have not known the ways of righteousness than to turn back to the ways of unrighteousness. I alone will not be mocked and My reverence will be seen.
For those who have come to realize that their next step is totally dependent upon Me, you will hear My voice. That which was once cloudy and unsure, I will ensure you of My ways. To those who surrendered to the long season of Me proving you beyond your patient limits, I will reward you! Things happened in your life that caught you by surprise, but you endured! I saw your pain, I heard the deep inward cry of you saying, "Where are you God?", but you did not complain. You did not take your life into your own hands. You trusted My strength to help you overcome, you trusted My wisdom that this was all apart of My master plan for you. To you, I tell you, that I'm coming and My reward is in My hand. I will cause you to walk across my stage. I will grant you what I told you. In days to come, places that have My Spirit will once again start to exalt who I am. My power will move in places who understand who I am; I alone am God. And these things which shall be done will be strictly done for My glory, for My praise and My purposes.

Prophetic Exhortation

This prophecy was given at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami on May 3, 2011 by Pastor Tavares Robinson.

A Prophetic Exhortation to the Church For the Lord says, I'm not really desired by My people, I am only worshiped because of a need. I'm not really wanted by My people, I'm only tolerated in case of a need. Many have tried to use My mercy to make decisions that personally benefit them. How long will I continue to be silent, while My people think that this is acceptable? Am I really the owner of My people or just the servant? Have My people become so lofty that they now demand and control Me? Have My people become so prideful, that now I have become the harlot? Many, I have observed, come to Me in times of trouble, then quickly run back to their lovers. Many I have observed, bring Me offerings, hoping that I would give them back more so they can go back and pick up more lovers. Is this not an abomination says the Lord? Have My people become so prideful, that they have forgotten that I have departed from My people in times past for this very thing? In case you have forgotten, let Me remind you says the Lord of My beloved people, the nation of Israel. They were the very ones whom I delivered and carried on My back. Did I not turn them over to their enemies when they pursued their idols? Do you now remember? What about My people who worshiped at Shiloh? Shiloh was the chosen location that I placed My name upon. But, in the end I departed. Do you now remember? To My people, do not be deceived! Experiencing My salvation and having My name on your lips, will not seal your faith. I am looking for a people who desire Me above all others. I am looking for a people who don't require fads or popular motivation to serve Me. I am looking for a people who trust Me more than themselves. I have heard of this popular saying among you, "no strings attached". So I, the Lord, ask you this day, "Can you serve Me with no strings attached? Can you obey Me with no strings attached? Can you worship Me with no strings attached? Would you follow Me with no strings attached?" Has My people forgotten that I, and I alone, am all knowing? I am the God who sees all things - the hidden and the open. I am weighing the hearts and actions of My people in this hour. I will have a people who will love Me more than America loves it's idols, says the Lord.

Prophetic Word of Comfort to God's People

This prophecy was given at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami on June 13, 2008 by Pastor Tavares Robinson.

For thus says the Lord, speak a word of comfort to My people. For many of My people have become weary, due to the long season of hardship and afflictions. Many are starting to lose their grip, but I the Lord declare, "Grab hold to the Word again, for this is your comfort in the midst of difficult times." To My people, do not be offended at My Word, My Ways, or My Timing. I'm calling you to meditate on My faithfulness; I am the God who is faithful. Did not Sarah, judge Me faithful in the process? Know that I am the God, who is able to make good on a promise. Was not Abraham fully convinced that I was able to fulfill My promise? This is the type of faith that I am looking for in My people in these end times. Do not let the words, "How long, When, and Why" rob strength from you. I am looking for a faith that endures. I am looking for a people whose faith is stronger now, compared to when I first gave you My Word (Remember My servant Caleb).

Hear me My people; fully immerse yourself in My Word, for this will be the difference between My people and those who pretend. My people will fully invest their life in My Word and those who pretend will fully trust in themselves; but you will know them in the end. I the Lord, have made provision for My people, that will cause them to stand during these difficult times. In days to come, there should come a sudden worldwide shaking and many people hearts shall fail them because of fear. But My people shall stand strong, with hearts full of faith and assurance. I will be glorified in the lives of My people. Many eyes shall see, that the only sure place is in Me. I will shake the earth and many will panic and give up. But I have prepared you My people for these days. Lift up your head; lift up a praise of adoration unto Me. Did I not command you to glory in hardship, to glory in affliction? For these things are working for your eternal advantage. I have given you My Word before and now I will say it again, "You will not be ashamed says the Lord, trust Me, you will not be ashamed."


Prophetic Word Concerning the Church and America

This prophecy was given at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami on August 15, 2007 by Pastor Tavares Robinson.

Hear the Word of the Lord, My people! I speak to you now to prepare you for the days ahead. I speak to you now, that you would not be move, like many who shall be moved. I speak to you now, that you would not fear, as many will be tormented by fear. For this is the time to abide in My Word, and My Word abide in you. Is it not written, that "I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me?" Open your hearts, hear with your ears, the things that the Spirit of the Lord speaks to you this day. For in days ahead, lawlessness shall increase in great abundance. Lawlessness, will begin to spread like wildfires throughout the cities of America. The "Liberty" and "Freedom" that America has experienced in the past, shall become a longing memory. Because of this nation, persistent rejection of Me, and My ways, I will abandoned this nation, therefore lawlessness shall intensify greatly. In the days ahead, there shall be a cry for more police officers, but not many shall be found. Many cities in America will be patrolled by the military. Many people shall panic and say, "What happen to the land of the free." Those days are over, says the Lord. To My people, fear not, I tell you these things beforehand, that you will not be moved nor shaken. As I spoke to My servant Samuel, so shall I speak to you. "I will do something in America, that will cause the ears of many to tingle." Because of these things, many in America will be grip by great fear, many will stop spending, in one day, that which is on top shall "fall" to the bottom. Yes, even the church in America. I have been preparing a remnant of leaders to lead My people in these times of distress. The time of preparation for these leaders is almost over, when they are fully prepared, then judgement will begin at My House.

I have seen and heard "prophets" who have prophesied lies in My name. It has been all lies says the Lord. I have not sent these prophets, but they went out to draw followers after themselves, they went out to earn a living by giving prophetic words. Listen My people, these are not My prophets. These prophets prophesy lies to you, to turn your hearts away from My will. "Did I not say, that only those who do the will of the Father would enter in?" "Beware of divination," this spirit is operating in great measure. Great judgement will fall upon those who operate in this spirit and of those whose lives, are influenced by this spirit.

Yes, I've seen and heard these false teachers, who teach My people a perverse Gospel. As a result of their teachings, My people no longer desire the place I have prepared for them, but crave and lust after this present age. This is idolatry! "Is it not written, that all idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire?" Wake up My people, come out from among these teachings, and I will receive you. In days to come, people will say to these teachers, "You lied to me, what you said did not work." My people will no longer support these false teachers, many will lose air time, for this is My judgement.

Gird up your hearts, oh My people, for the days ahead are dark, but I will visit My people with such power, that darkness cannot abide. For My remnant shall cry out in those days ahead, "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear. The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid." My return is quickly approaching. BE READY, SAYS THE LORD!


Prophetic Word April 2007

This prophecy was given at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami on April 15, 2007 by Pastor Tavares Robinson.

Hear My Word, which comes to you this day. Tell My people that I am not slack concerning My promise, but longsuffering, giving men a chance to change, but the hour of fulfillment is at hand. Tell My people as it was before, so shall it be now, for I will make a distinction in those who serve me, and those who pretend to serve me. Even though Goshen was near Egypt, I set a difference between My people and those who served Pharaoh. My people had light. Pharaoh's people had darkness. My people had protection and were sustained, and Pharaoh's people were troubled by great fear. Tell My people it is the hour for My remnant. Who is My remnant, says the Lord? Those who heard My word and then made changes in their life according to My word. Those who were willing to sacrifice their life in order to know Me. Those who maintained their righteousness, when wickedness was surrounding them. Those who did not follow the way that was convenient and popular, but denied themselves and chose the way which brought much difficulty, these are My people, says the Lord. They sacrifice in their giving to me, even though other things commanded their attention. These are My people who placed their trust in Me, above other things in their life.

Now, it is My time to reward you, says the Lord. I have heard the prayers of My people asking, "How long Lord, when, when, when Lord?" The time is at hand, says the Lord.


Prophetic Word May 2006

Hear the Word of the Lord that comes to you this day. I have revealed to you recently, that great acceleration is coming. But I say to you this day, the hour of acceleration is now here. I have indeed changed gears and there shall come a great intensity and swiftness of My purpose in days ahead. Many ears shall tingle and many eyes shall marvel concerning the work of My hands in days to come.

I say to you, that the month of May will be the beginning of months, for that which I have in store. It is the Day of My Vengeance. The hour of My Recompense. I shall indeed repay men for the works of their doings (both good and evil). It is My payday says the Lord, and My reward is in My hand. To My righteous, I've seen your hardship yet you endured. I've seen your oppression, but you remained steadfast. I've seen your tears and heard your cry. You have endured great persecutions and mockery, because of your willingness to obey Me with your whole heart. These things you did for My name sake. You did not give up or compromise for My name sake. You have hoped against all hope, for this I am well pleased, says the Lord. The enemy of old, tried to convince you that this day would never come. But I say to you, he was a liar in the beginning and now still is.

Get ready My people, My reward is in My hand. I will show those that are proud, that My arm still has great power and I will speak a thing and it cannot be reversed. Oh My people break out into singing, because the day of your redemption is here. Did I not say, "That those who sowed in tears, shall reap in joy." It's My time to comfort you, says the Lord. That which I have promised you shall bring great joy and gladness to your heart. So rejoice for My set time to favor you has come.

But I also speak to those who are in My house, who have allowed that evil spirit of pride to fill your hearts. You have mocked those who do not possess what you possess. You have scorned those who were placing their faith in Me. You place your faith in comfort. You place your faith in your possessions. You place your faith in your riches. I've warned you many times to turn from these idols, but you would not hear Me. When I sent My Word to you, you cast it behind you and spoke, "I know the Lord is pleased with me." You have built your trust in idols that cannot save you. You have taken pleasure in your pleasures. Therefore, I shall repay you according to your works. That which you have always feared will swiftly come upon you. Your riches will not spare you in this hour. My judgment is here says the Lord, many shall panic, many shall fall into distress, many shall be plagued by great fear. Many shall pray to Me, but I will not hear, many shall seek Me, but will not find peace. Many will say, "Lord this is not right, Lord this is not fair." Hear Me now says the Lord, "Is it not My way which is fair. I've been merciful, I've suffered long. I've showered you with My goodness, hoping that you would repent, but you continued to place your trust in idols that cannot speak. You continue to play the harlot with the blessing that I blessed you with. So I say to you, is it your ways which are not fair."

Yes, indeed this is My hour of vengeance says the Lord. I've seen the oppression in My house. I looked for justice, but I found leaders abusing their position of authority. I looked for righteousness, but heard My remnant of people crying out for help. I've watched as prophets (who once were called by My name) manipulate and plunder the goods of My people in My name; which in return has made the heart of My people sad. I've seen how these false prophets have made My people feel like I have forsaken them; which in return has caused My people to become prey for the evil one. I will now charge these leaders for this crime. "What is the crime you might ask, says the Lord. Conspiracy to Murder is the crime says the Lord." You have help to murder My people. My judgment for some leaders will be great shame upon their lives and their ministries. For other leaders destruction, for this is the only option. For those evil leaders who are overseeing My flock, I shall gather My flock from their hands and place them with shepherds who really have My heart. These leaders have built their ministries at the expense of devouring My people. "Who will now help you says the Lord." This is My time now says the Lord, I will set My house in order. I will sweep out My house, those things which has been an abomination to me. That which has offended Me I will repay.

New leaders that I trust will begin to emerge. They will feed and protect My people. Prophets that I have groomed will speak forth My Word, with such passion and love. And in their personal lives there will be no mixture. I will have a glorious and mature church.

So again, I say to My redeem, prepare yourselves, for these things shall indeed come to pass. To My righteous who have suffered greatly, rejoice and do not place your trust in these things. Let your hearts be filled with thanksgiving and humility and I will keep you.

I will say to you again, in this hour, you will really discern between the righteous and the wicked. Between the one who serves me, and the one who does not. Prepare yourselves, great and dreadful days are surely ahead.